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Checking Out of the Hospital Early Doesn't Affect Insurance Coverage

Leaving the hospital before your doctor says you’re medically ready to go may not be a smart move for your health. But it’s not likely to cause any additional damage to your wallet, according to a study recently published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Why take the time to study this issue? Evidently, there’s an urban legend that has persisted: A patient who leaves the hospital against medical advice (referred to as AMA) can expect his or her insurance company to deny hospital bills. This idea has apparently long been kept alive by doctors who counsel their patients to stay in hospital or literally “pay” the consequences. In a survey, 74% of internal medicine residents and 56% of attending physicians questioned reported believing this to be true.

Read more of my article, “Checking Out of the Hospital Early Doesn’t Affect Insurance Coverage” on WebMD.

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